Story Behind The Name

There are lots of companies that specialise in change and transformation. So what makes Change Meridian different?

We believe it’s our approach where we think about the strategic, technical and emotional sides to change.  The difference starts with our name.

Meridians mean different things to different people. Some people think of meridians as the lines of longitude that run between the south and north pole. While others use the Chinese definition and think about the invisible energy pathways that run through the human body to nourish and energise.

For us, at Change Meridian, we think about both.

For every change we need to know where we are heading. That’s our north star – our end state. The earth’s meridians (or lines of longitude) can be characterised as the path we lay out to get to our north star. We know that change isn’t easy, and it may be turbulent. Having a path forward and a desired end state means your change is far more likely to succeed. Change needs to be strategically aligned, well planned and governed, so it can ultimately be effectively executed.

At the same time, for change to be successful, the people involved and impacted by that change need to be energised, engaged and supported. And so we need to consider how the people and human side of change can best be managed.

At Change Meridian, we believe that an organisation will only achieve its change and transformation objectives if it analyses and manages the change through multiple dimensions (strategic, technical, process and people).

What can we do to help you and your organisation achieve your goals?