About Us

Change Meridian is a boutique consulting firm, which is dedicated to helping leaders, teams and organisations accelerate their progress in changing environments.

It does this by providing consulting advice, facilitating workshops, and delivering training and mentoring programs, which builds the capability in leaders, teams and team members to be ready for the future of work – whatever it holds. We support clients in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, United States and United Kingdom.

At Change Meridian, we know that for organisations to effectively change and to secure the desired benefits three dimensions need to be factored into the design, planning and execution:

  1. The strategy of the change – understanding what’s changing, what’s driving the change, options considered, potential impacts and risks, system in which the change is occurring, and the desired benefits from the change
  2. The infrastructure needed to implement the change – architecting the way in which the change program is planned, sequenced, monitored, governed and executed to account for the organisation’s capacity, capability and objectives
  3. The people side of the change – considering the mindsets, values, behaviour, and political and cultural dynamics, and what strategies and interventions are required to ensure stakeholder support and end user adoption

The work we deliver is focused on building a change agile culture, developing leadership and change capability, and equipping leaders with the skills to lead and team members with the ability to thrive in a complex, and ever changing workplace.

Change Meridian takes a partnership approach with its clients and delivers sustainable outcomes with energy, optimism and determination.

We are experts in change design and execution, workshop facilitation, culture and behaviour change, leadership development, organisation design, workforce transition, team building, and capability uplift.

The length of the engagement will vary depending on the nature of the change, and the support required.  We will develop a capability solution that specifically suits your requirements.

Download our Capability Statement to find out more about us.

Our purpose is to equip leaders and teams with the courage, capability and conviction to make powerful and wise choices that accelerates and amplifies their success.

We all know the world of work is changing – faster than it ever has before.  At the same time, many leaders and teams are ill-equipped to deal with this rapid pace of change.  When this happens, productivity slows, stress levels rise and employee engagement falls.

Change is inevitable and so our motto is – “Change Happens. Make it work for you” – because there is a better way forward.  A way to be ready for whatever the future holds.

Change Meridian is a values based business.  We are committed to working with our clients with:

  • Integrity – our relationship with our clients is based on trust, credibility and reliability. We deliver what we say, and in a way that delights our customers
  • Achievement – we are dedicated to helping organisations and their teams be the best they can be and to build the skills and resilience to thrive in a complex, changing world
  • Learning Mindset – learning is fundamental to any renewal and growth and is therefore a core part of how we do business. We ensure we are at the forefront of learning and developments in our areas of expertise, and we love sharing that knowledge with our clients
  • Optimism – change is always possible and we work with our clients to help them uncover the hidden opportunities and to develop the skills and fortitude to accelerate their progress
  • Enthusiasm – we approach each project and engagement with energy and enthusiasm. We exist to help our clients be the best they can be

Our promise - To always act in service of you and to support you to reach your goals.