How We Work

Change Meridian brings a unique approach to its work by leveraging a range of disciplines, so accelerated progress is achieved.

We also recognise that every organisation, team environment and individual is unique. This means that every situation and program of work cannot be managed in a formulaic way. Instead, it needs to be customised to the situation, practical and fit for purpose.

There are lots of change, leadership and performance improvement approaches, methodologies and tools. At Change Meridian, we don’t just understand one – we understand all the key approaches.

Through years of experience, and an overwhelming passion and love of learning, at Change Meridian we have examined the body of knowledge on functional areas such as change management, project management and risk management, as well as the related disciples of leadership, culture change, positive psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, motivation and behavioural science.

Using a tailored and blended approach, we leverage the tried and true concepts - combining them with the latest research and evidence - to develop a customised and blended approach that helps you, your team and organisation amplify their success.