HR Director Australia: How to land a promotion in a robotic world

With so much focus on AI, automation and robotics, less attention can be paid to the critical role that the humanities and social sciences will play in shaping how we work, according to Michelle Gibbings, founder of Change Meridian. This article originally appeared in HR Director Australia.

For the HR professional, this creates exciting opportunities as workplaces will need experts who understand people, create connections and generate behavioural insights.

Gibbings cited research by the McKinsey Global Institute which examined the workforce impacts of automation. They found that based on current available technology about 60% of occupations have at least 30% of activities that could be automated.

“Significantly, the impact was less for people in roles that required human to human interaction,” said Gibbings.

She added that careers, these days, are “fluid, flexible, organic and adaptive” – they take a degree of reinvention. Read on.