Change Meridian provides services that will help leaders, teams and organisations reap the benefits from transformation and change.

Whilst we can provide services across the change and leadership spectrum, our focus and passion is on delivering capability uplift and accelerated progress through a range of training programs, workshop facilitation and leadership mentoring, as well as consulting advice on change strategy design and execution.

Sitting at the core of this work is the desire to create a healthy and effective organisational culture, where people are equipped and supported to adapt and excel in the new environment.

"Success is a journey, not a destination. It requires constant effort, vigilance and re-evaluation" Mark Twain

Services provided includes:

  • Leadership development and executive coaching – building leadership and change capability at all organisational levels
  • Workshop facilitation – designing and delivering workshops to secure team engagement, decision making, and stakeholder buy in related outcomes
  • Tailored programs – specific programs that are tailored to individual, team and organisational needs.  See the program page for more details
  • Cultural renewal – crafting and supporting culture change to secure an adaptive culture, which is customer focused and has an effective risk and compliance culture
  • Stakeholder management – designing and executing stakeholder management and communication programs to secure buy in
  • End to end change management – developing the framework, methodology and supporting processes (ie operating model, diagnostics, impact assessments, organisation and job design, training design and delivery, communications, and workforce transition) and tools
  • Change effectiveness analysis – analysing and providing recommendations to enhance change outcomes and the delivery of business benefits
  • Strategy execution – designing the change strategy approach and execution advice, covering governance, risk management and program management requirements

As part of our service, we offer our clients a ‘check-in’ following the delivery of a program of work to ensure the results achieved are embedded, and to provide additional support.

Change Meridian works across Australia, servicing clients in every Australian capital city.  It also works in New Zealand and Asia.

We love to see organisations and people thrive through complexity. Change doesn't have to be hard. If you want to make change work for you - then please contact us!